Factors To Understand When Hiring Pen Testing Companies

Pen testing companies offer the best way to protect your business. When you choose a pen testing company, you must know what they do and how they can help with your security needs.

Pen testing companies usually specialise in one or more services, including vulnerability assessment, penetration test, ethical hacking, social engineering audit. A vulnerability assessment will identify all vulnerabilities on an organisation’s network or web applications. They will do this by assessing configuration settings for possible risks and then running scans against the system to find any potential issues. This type of service is often used as a baseline for comparison when performing other assessments such as penetration tests or ethical hacking services. Penetration tests are designed to mimic real-world attack scenarios. This will determine if any vulnerabilities could enable a hacker to compromise the confidentiality, integrity or availability of an organisation’s data.

The first thing a potential client should search for is certifications. They may save time and provide a quick method to establish trust with a pentesting firm. There are many professional qualifications available across the world. Still, in the United Kingdom, there are some of the most well-known ones. These credentials demonstrate that the testing firms can properly address your security needs.

Cost is a common question. Unfortunately, because of IT systems’ wide range in size and complexity, this is like asking how long a piece of string is. It depends on what you’re dealing with and how deep you need to go. If you think about it as painting a bridge, it’s all about the size and number of coats. You’ve probably experienced this yourself when you’ve got a taxi booked. If the trip is short, it’s cheap. The longer, more complex and further away - the more expensive it will be. The cost of a day varies based on the tester’s reputation, certifications, and other requirements for their experience. However, discounts may be negotiated if you’re purchasing a significant number of days (anything more than fifteen days would be considered a huge test).

Proven track record
Don’t forget that one of the most important ways to ensure the quality of a service is by checking its reputation. The provider should be able to provide excellent client testimonials from firms with similar missions. Don’t settle for providers who claim to offer low-cost services but don’t have any proof they can do the job. You may wind up having to pay for the time wasted trying to fix your mistakes.

Wide industry knowledge
It’s crucial to find out if the top penetration testing companies have direct experience in your field. Even though they may be used to performing pen testing if they have never worked in your sector before, they may not be aware of various problems that you face. They may be unfamiliar with the types of software and applications utilised in your industry, making a difference in how you might be compromised. If they are familiar, then their knowledge of your sector will help them recognise the areas that should be targeted.

Top penetration testing companies should be adaptable. Examine whether a company will conduct testing outside of business hours and whether they can offer on-site and remote testing. Your organisation’s priorities and criteria must come first, not because it is convenient for the other side. Choose experts that are ready to work with you to customise the scope of your assessment.

Secured data
A penetration test might disclose serious security flaws in your technical infrastructure, which, if successful, may have a significant impact on your company’s operations. All of this data is kept by the service provider after a penetration test has been completed. You should inquire how the top pen testing companies UK wide will safeguard sensitive information and what measures it will take to keep your data safe.

Remediation service
An organisation may acquire a penetration testing service and receive only a rudimentary vulnerability scan rather than full-fledged remediation after the test is completed. Most of the top pen testing companies UK wide are firm believers in developing trustworthy connections. In the long run, they can give comprehensive repair services. In contrast, others believe that extensive penetration testing is not worth it because you can’t identify the vulnerabilities the attackers might exploit. Such companies only offer limited penetration testing services and leave it to the discretion of their clients as far as remediation or follow up is concerned.

Many Pen testing companies put their services up for sale in the names of their most senior professionals, with test participants often being inexperienced. This may not be the case with every penetration testing service provider. Still, it can result in sub-par tests, testing incidents, and a detrimental influence on your company. So, when speaking with a potential service provider, you should ask for proof of all the staff members’ qualifications.

Pen testing companies are experts in finding the vulnerabilities that exist on your network. They will provide you with a report of what they found, how to fix it, and, if necessary, an estimate of the cost for any work needed. After reading this article about choosing one wisely, we hope you feel more confident in selecting one right for your company’s needs.


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